Unique transporting solutions solving you logistic needs

Let Auburn Enterprises provide you with the opportunity to move ahead with a solution fit for your unique logistic needs.


We have 30,000 sq. ft. of high quality temperature controlled space with ceiling height of 22 ft. and 2 dock level enclosed/heated loading/unloading and 2 street level docks, 1 of which is also enclosed/heated loading/unloading.

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Receiving & Shipping

We will receive, pick orders, consolidate orders and provide shipping documents for shipping within USA and overseas, at very competitive prices.

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We are experts in providing all logistics for your parts, shipments and packaging materials.  We can re-order and track your packaging materials based on prescribed minimums.

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Computerized Inventory

We use computerized inventory system to track shipments coming in, in warehouse and track shipments going out.  We can also provide you on-line inventory report, shipments in/out via cloud storage and/or daily/weekly reports that are e-mailed.

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We can provide delivery of various goods on a Just-In-Time basis with reliable schedule for transportation.

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Bottle Decorating

We can decorate your bottles (beer, spirits, growlers) in up to 4 colors  at a competitive prices, using the latest inks and print technology on glass including UV curing, pad printing and flame treating to remove cold-end coating, ACL decorating, Lehr Furnace curing to seal in the ink on the glass bottle at 1000 Degree Fahrenheit and other latest bottle decoration methods.  For Quality Control testing, we conduct adhesion and abrasion resistance tests to insure quality.

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